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Monday, 18 November
Charles University Opening
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Tuesday, 19 November
O2 universum All-day conference
Veletržní palác Networking dinner
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Wednesday, 20 November
O2 universum All-day conference

Main thematic areas

Support, Care, and Well-being

This year, our emphasis lies on the vital theme of enhancing well-being through comprehensive care and support of both students and staff. We invite you to join us and leverage your experience, knowledge, and interest in initiatives supporting mental and physical health, care and safety within higher education institutions and organisations. Inspiration can be drawn from the following subtopics:

  • Creating safe and healthy (study) workplace
  • Combating inequalities and addressing segregation
  • Developing strategies and opportunities to foster a healthy environment for everyone

Internationalisation for All

International experience is a life changing and eye-opening opportunity for all participants. How can we ensure it benefits everyone, whether abroad or at home? Who needs to be involved, and whom should we know about? Join us to share your story – Inspire. Share. Care.

  • Barriers in international student and staff support
  • Active citizenship: going above and beyond
  • Volunteering programmes at home and abroad
  • Student, PhD, and alumni networks
  • Language opportunities within student communities
  • Job market and career prospects for students with international experience

Digital Age

Digital competencies and tools have become integral to our lives, Al is transforming the landscape of work, study, and science. Universities should take a proactive approach and lead by example. Join us to explore the challenges and opportunities presented by the digital revolution in academia. The following subtopics can serve as sources of inspiration:

  • Impact
  • Digitalisation and communication within institutions
  • Marketing and social media
  • Blended mobility and online learning
  • Emerging trends

Cooperation Within Academia and Beyond

Universities are at the forefront of education, research, and innovation. International cooperation is vital for knowledge exchange, research collaboration, and student mobility. What are the latest trends in enhancing cooperation in education and research globally and within Europe?

  • Microcredentials
  • Synergies between education and research
  • Academic careers
  • Recognition
  • Project management

Past conferences


The fifth CZEDUCON conference ventured beyond Prague for the first time, finding its venue in the vibrant South Moravian city of Brno. The conference brought together representatives from the European Commission, senior officials from European national agencies and universities, esteemed experts, government officials, and education specialists. With a robust attendance of 450 participants, CZEDUCON addressed current issues in the development and implementation of strategies in the areas of inclusion, digitalisation, and internationalisation.


On the occasion of the Czech Presidency of the Council of the EU, the fourth CZEDUCON conference was, for the first time, elevated to the European level. The conference attracted over 450 people who shape the European educational space and decide on its future form. Together, they discussed the development of strategies and policies in the field of higher education.


The third CZEDUCON conference took place a year later than planned due to the pandemic. The theme of the conference was (Un)prepared for change. Both Czech and international experts explored new challenges that higher education faced, whether caused by the pandemic or other reasons. The conference was held online, with over 700 participants.


The second annual CZEDUCON conference with a focus on internationalisation of higher education hosted over 500 participants who could choose from 42 speeches, panel discussions and workshops by 70 speakers. Among the main speakers were EAIE President Sabine Pendl, global higher education strategist Rahul Choudaha or ACA President Ulrich Grothus.


For more information please contact us at or +420 221 850 100

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